Light Clay Day!


What is “Light Clay” construction?

Come to our building party and find out! You’ll see how we built a wood framed structure which we will be insulating with a mixture of a clay slurry and wood chips. We mix the slip and chips together in a big machine that looks like Dr. Seuss must have invented it and place the muddy mixture into the walls, creating a vapor permeable insulation layer ready to receive clay plasters. The end result is a healthy, modern home for conscious people to live in!

Why Light Clay?

We want to use materials from our own region, like clay, wood, stone, and straw. We don’t wish to fork over our money to the bank or building materials industry in return for artificial, potentially toxic, (not to mention expensive) short-lived building products.

Clay is the world’s longest tested and most used building material. It is abundant, local and re-useable. Clay regulates indoor temperature variations. Mixed with fibers, it provides insulation. It is dense enough to be solidly airtight, while porous enough to never trap moisture and create mold in the walls. Clay preserves and protects wood, straw and other fibers from insects, mice, mold and fire. It absorbs and neutralizes odors, all while lending itself to architectural creativity and flexibility!

Who builds with Light Clay?

Just about every country in the world has it’s own version of Light Clay building. Professional Natural Builders or owner-builders, rich or poor can build with Light Clay.

We want to build an earth loving home here in Winlaw BC to match the blessed and kindred spirits fortunate enough to live here.

You are welcome to come join us in learning this technique from our professional Natural Building crew. We invite you to participate in the most fun part of the process – Mixing Light Clay and building it into the walls!  Questions are welcomed from any volunteer worker!

Good music, cold drinks and snacks will be provided. Bring your own or potluck lunch and stay for a potluck dinner every night if you like! We would just love to have you.

Our instructors are Peggy Frith of Dirty Dreams Design, Sean Breathnach of Beyond the Bale, and their crew.

Peggy Frith is a Visual Artist, Professional Natural Building Designer and Cat Lady. Formally trained in Fine Arts, she became impoverished and knew she needed a trade. Studying carpentry led to an apprenticeship in Natural Building which taught her to love clay.

Peggy has studied, taught and worked all over North America with many of the grandparents and leaders of the Natural Building Movement for the last sixteen years. Her expertise includes Straw Bale, Cob and Light Clay building, composting toilets, permaculture design, and other country living skills. Focusing now on consultation and design, she coaches owner-builders in the art of home building and makes pottery covered in ghosts and unicorns as she prepares to begin her MFA in Architecture.

Peggy lives in Winlaw, BC on Fabulous Farm with Mr Chip Philip Noodles and Cruella Pamela Chatapati, mice murderers.


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