our story


We are two kids from the city, (the sprawling metropolis of Calgary Alberta) that cashed in our cards, and headed for the hills! seeking a simpler life and simultaneously the most difficult we could imagine for our little family of three.

We found a little mountainside heaven with a loving and bustling community at it’s heart, a place where fresh clean water runs strong and the trees are old and diverse. We wake up to bears in the yard, along with elk, deer, wild turkeys, coyotes, bats and hummingbirds. We are surrounded by forest and silence, yet we have never felt so at home and surrounded by support.

It was time to test and implements our dreams and desires to live a life a little less dependant on the fragile systems which make up the urban modern world.It was time to play with building practices and materials  we dreamed of using for years. Our combined and complimentary skills have set us up for a creative journey of Permaculture, woodwork, recycling, repurposing, gardening, raising animals, and being students and stewards of this land. We use permaculture principles in our design and planning, and follow the ethics; Care of Earth, Care of People + Return of Surplus, in all of our actions on the farmstead.

Since our arrival in 2010 we have hardly paused. There is a great amount of man power invested already into this dream and we are only begining.

We are growing a great amount of food using a multitude of growing techniques, and the garden is our kitchen, our security, and our classroom. At eating with SOLE  Shauna’s food blog you’ll find her passion for Seasonal Organic Local and Ethical food.

We aim to post often here reviewing buildings and projects, inspirations, and lessons we have learned, and all the while as we sweat our pants off doing the most physically demanding tasks day after day… we still make time for family and friends and enjoying the abundance of life and the explorations of the majestic Kootenays.

We have developed a Permaculture Internship Program and welcome short and long term students to join us implementing and testing all of the exciting theories and techniques we all find so inspiring.

And so we roll along…

3 thoughts on “our story

  1. So funny to stumble upon your blog…this is Marlo (of Gareth and Marlo up on Graham Rd). It is neat to read a little about your journey as it has many similarities to ours. You’ll have to come up and see our completed foam home….it’s fabulous! Maybe see you at the yard and yardage sale tomorrow…..or some other time as we all come out of our winter hibernation!

    🙂 marlo

    • Cheers Marlo!

      It will be great to reconnect and enjoy shaking off the hibernation blues together! I would love to share the storey of your home with our readers too, your family and progress are certainly inspiring to us! Lovely to see you guys again today!


  2. Hey you guys, I stopped by there today but no one was around. I wanted to invite you around for tomorrow, but the only phone # I could find for you was a calgary #. (?) drop me an email with your phone # so I can give you a bell. Nice one. Hope to see you soon.


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