visiting our homestead

We are always happy to host visiting friends and family, and friends of friends and extended family, along with people keen to lend a hand and learn some things, but there are certainly some things to consider when visiting us at this time.

Please drop us a line and let us know when you would like to visit, and we will be happy to share with you the details of the projects on hand. Also if there are certain areas of interest you have we can help you plan your visit around time when we may be playing in those mediums.


We haven’t built our home yet, and our indoor accommodations are extremely limited as are our indoor amenities,  our guests need to be pretty self sufficient on the back 40. We do currently have 2 yurts, that serve many functions for us including full time resilience and an active fiber arts studio. There are a number of tent sites avalable and we have plans to build some additional raised sheltered tent decks, a project we would love some tenters help with. As we live on a mountain side, flat land is hard to come by.

We have a gorgeous outdoor shower house, with hot water on demand, which is part of a grey water cell in the garden. It’s season however so, winter guests have limited access to indoor shower faciliteis. We have a lovely cedar composting outhouse. In our “outdoor kitchen” totally under development we have available a BBQ, and propane cook top, along with a firepit grill. Clean mountain fresh creek water is available from various parts of the property but no sink (as of yet) but that should be up and running early spring 2013. On the days we are working here with our guests we are happy to provide hearty healthy organic vegetarian dinners, but ask that our guests bring along breakfast and lunch fixings which can be easily stowed and prepared. There are of course some exceptions to this, but we aim to minimize the impact of visitors on our tiny kitchen and home space. Essentially prepare for a camping experience with all of the above amenities.


Less is more when it comes to waste. PLEASE DO NOT BRING over packaged items or excessive waste to our land. We aim to minimize our waste foot print and have to haul all of our sites garbage ourselves to a tipping station up valley. We have the best water in the world here so no need to bring disposable water bottles with you!


Unlike the city it is pitch black out here with nothing but moon light to guide us in the evening, so be sure to bring flashlights / headlamps with you. Other handy items may include; rain / snow boots, work gloves, bear bells / spray, rain gear, life jackets (if it’s canoeing season as we go all the time), long underwear if your here in the curb seasons. Remember this is an inland temperate rainforest so it’s WET, be prepaired.


All of our structures are heated with blood sweat and tears, oh and tree’s which we haul and buck and drag down the mountain by hand, so if your staying in the winter and using up wood fuel, consider a shift at the chopping hauling wood stacking station, as a contribution to our “heating bill”!


Your pets, while they may be great on leash in the city, and you may love them to bits, don’t necessary make a good addition to our working farmstead. We have livestock (often free ranging birds and chicks) as well as food and garden systems everywhere, along with working dogs keeping  the beasties at bay, we are in a wild life corridor and have frequent visits by deer, coyotes, bears, rabbits, barn cats, reptiles and many birds, all of this makes for some pretty unique challenges your 4 legged friend may not be up for. If you hope to bring your dog along for a visit, PLEASE PLEASE contact us first. Not all dogs are an ideal fit out here, and we would rather not have any of the undue stress on our animals (or us for that matter) when possible. We would recommend a wonderful mountain pet resort locally run by a lovely gal and fellow thread-y, Monique  Frog Peak Pet Resort.


Finally access to our land can prove challenging for many city cars! We have a pretty extreme 4×4 road to our upper land and a less sever secondary road which requires a good haul up on foot. If it’s your first time here and if you are arriving in the dark you may want to park at the bottom of the hill and walk up to see where and how you might negotiate your vehicle. Also we can’t accommodate any large RV’s or tow behind campers due to the road challenges. We do have friends close by that may be happy to help us out, or there is the really close by campsite Karibou Park wit RV pads and affordable cabin rentals.

Email us for a map and directions to our place, and keep in mind there is NO CELL PHONE  RECEPTION In the valley (and we like it that way!), so you can’t just call when you get close for final route info.


There are a million festivals and fairs in our area, along with a great amount of special interest workshops and classes, live music and events we can help you find more great stuff to do while visiting. For those of you who want to visit but aren’t necessarily up for a camping trip we are really happy to recommend our two favourite B&B’s here; Rabia’s strawbale cottages at the Artful Lodger just down the road and Renata & Dino’s “glamping” Canadiana B&B The Red Snowshoe.

See you Soon!

7 thoughts on “visiting our homestead

  1. Greetings,

    We trust this note finds you well.

    My partner (Mark) and I just came across your project online and are very inspired!
    As well as very interested in coming for a visit to check it out, and possibly volunteer.

    We are in the Nelson area right now for at least the next week, and are open to staying on for a while.
    We have a great interest in sustainable communities and have resided in a few, most recently at Karuna Farm in Southern India for a couple of months [], where we also engaged in some volunteer work in the way of program planning, maintenance, and improving guest services.
    We have a vision of either joining a sustainable community or creating one — in the very near future — and feel that visiting your community would be another great step in this direction.

    Are you open to having us over for a visit to tour your project with the prospect of potentially staying on as volunteers?
    We have skills in volunteer management; project management; event planning; business management; communications; some natural building; home renovations — with a great interest in learning more about organic growing and other other types of sustainability. We’d also like to expand our our natural building skills.

    We are vegetarians who love to camp, and are currently touring in our camper van in BC this summer.
    We enjoy hiking, yoga — community and sustainable living.
    We are hard working, responsible and like to have fun too.

    We would be happy to speak to you further about this prospect.
    Our number is 604.999.6057.

    Thanks kindly for your consideration, we very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Indica & Mark

  2. Hi there,
    I would like to come and spend 2 or 3 days at the farm if it is possible.
    I can arrive this Friday. I enjoy being in the garden and am ready to work.
    I have my own eating and sleeping supplies and am prepared for the wet conditions.

    I am a 23 year old male.

    Hope to hear from you,


  3. Hello! We are 22years old from Toronto and Thunder Bay Ontario, currently hitching around BC wwoofing. We are looking for a farm that can teach is all there is to know about permiculture, organic farming and sustainable living and can also accomidate us as vegans. After reviewing your website, your farm sounds perfect for us! I am a vegan chef and haave a passion for organic food and baked goods, as well as visual arts, travelling and wwoofing! My partner ryan is a beautiful spoken word poet and hip hop artist, he loves to forage and we are both very interested in plant medicine. We are easy going and have been living in a tent since June, this is actually how we prefer to live while wwoofing..although if it’s really wet we would want to get started on some sort of tarp/wood shelter for the rainy nights. You both sound really cool and I think we would learn a lot from working for you! If you have the space for us, we woulld be happy to make our way to your homested in the new week or two!
    I really hope to hear from you guys!
    P.s. I love that there is no cell service, keepin the food fresh and the microwaves far from our brains!

  4. Hi Shawna, Dylan, Mia –
    Great to see your dream coming true! You’ve accomplished so much, you must be very proud. It sounds like the word is getting out there. I hope you are attracting great people and progressing with the development. My husband James (who is a construction PM, Estimator and SK farm boy) and I would love to visit your farm this summer if you’ll have us. Many of our friends have taken off to BC to start fresh, so we’ll be passing through the area. We’ll leave Wilson with Mike, he’d enjoy chasing your chickens far too much 🙂
    I thought of you when Rob Avis connected with me on Linked in, but I’ve also wanted to share my condolences (Mike told me). I’m very sorry for your loss, and I hope you are staying positive with the support of your family. They are an amazing group of people.
    I hope we can connect this summer, under happier circumstances.
    Cheers, Lindsey

  5. Hello!

    My name is Nick and I am a permaculture geek who is headed out to the kootenays with the intention of settling down.

    I want to spend the summer getting to know the land and it’s people before settling down somewhere,
    and I was wondering if your community would be interested in a work-live trade sometime this season?

    I have been studying and practicing permaculture design and sustainable living for the past 6 years, and took the Permaculture Design Course at Spiral Farm in Winlaw with Gregoire, and would be happy to help you guys with whatever projects are on hand during the season

    I’ve wwoofed before at several communities in North America and will be traveling with a vehicle and tent.

    I expect to be in the area sometime around the middle of May and at this point my schedule is wide open!



  6. Hi, so happy I stumbled upon this! Mason & I are eagerly anticipating our visit this summer. I am especially excited to hear all about your bees… I have seriously been giving some thought to doing some bee keeping. Your place looks amazing. See you soon, Farrah and Mason and the three little people.

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